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What Types of TASKS Do We Handle?

Theme, Plugin & Core Errors
Updated something and all hell broke loose? We have you covered. We’re able to read the error messages and make sense of them. We’ll help you get the site back up and running and then troubleshoot what was causing the issue in a testing environment. Once its resolved, we’ll get it live for ya!
Theme, Plugin & Core Updates
In order to maintain a healthy WordPress website, you must update all the plugins, theme and core when necessary. Sometimes these updates can cause issue after they’re completed, so its best to have someone who knows what can go wrong and how to resolve the issue within minutes.
Configuration File Changes
Sometimes there are some changes that need to be done to your configuration file for your website. Whether its removing restrictions, adding theme or modifying them, this needs to be done with care as an incorrectly written configuration file could bring your site down instantly.
Google Analytics
Peek-a-boo! Had to throw a joke in there, since this is how you track what you visitors are doing on your website. We can help you get the GA code setup, even for eCommerce websites so you can connect your sales to your visitors and see what they did before order on your website.
Tighten Security
Don’t look past security of your website. Thousands of websites are hacked on a daily basis. Even the big companies out there are not perfect. Let us lock down your website and help hinder any intruders from hurting your website as well.
SSL (https) Redirects
This is a MUST nowadays! If your site is not setup properly for SSL traffic its going to cost you. Not might, but will! Browser companies like Chrome & Firefox are requiring SSLs on websites now. It makes sense with all the fraud and hacking going on. Let us get you running right!
Remove Spam Posts, Comments & Users
We’ve seen it a million times…Sites being spammed with comments, posts & users. This is not only annoying and the sign of an unhealthy site, but it also hinders the perfomance of your website. All that junk is stored in the database and the bigger a database is, the slower it goes.
Install Theme w/ Demo Content
Found a theme you liked online somewhere? We can get it installed, activated and setup just like you see in the demo from the developer. Maybe, you know how, but are running into hosting errors that you can get past…we can help you get past those too. Reach out and let us help you get rocking in style.
Loading Speed Optimizations
Website running slow? We’ll do a performance analysis and see what exactly is causing the problem. A lot of times it comes down to plugins, images, videos. We’ll take a look and let you know exactly what needs to be done and then get it done.
Payment Gateway Setup
Trying to make some money from a payment form or WooCommerce? We can help you not only get setup, but give you advice on which payment gateways to go with. We’ll make the process as quick and simple as possible. Stripe, Square, PayPal and Authorize.net are our favorites.
WordPress Locksmith Service
This is actually a FREE service we offer. It takes us 2 minutes and you’re back in. Make sure, to expedite this and keep it fair for everyone, have your hosting login ready to go. Reach out to us and we’ll get your password reset in no time.
Change Page Elements
Time to switch out some content and images? We got you you! Reach out and let us know what you want done. We’ll give you an exact quote if its just a 1-time deal or you can get unlimited with a monthly subscription.
Internal Server Errors
These errors are always fun! For us at least. We can get your site back up and running within a few seconds, no matter if its a Linux or Windows hosting platform. Its usually the htaccess or web.config file causing the issue. Once that’s disabled, we’ll troubleshoot what the actual problem was and get it resolved.
Theme Modifications
Not happy with a particular way your website is presenting itself? Want your phone number on the other side of the header? Maybe you want your colors switched around. Let us know! We’ll talk with you first to make sure we understand what you want and get it done in no time!
Child Theme
Oooooooh, if you dont have this setup yet, you could shoot yourself in the foot. The child theme allows you to make changes to your theme without losing those changes when the theme developer releases updates. You need this to keep everything healthy in your website.
Domain Name Change
This one is too easy for us. Not only can we change the domain name for you, but we can migrate WordPress websites to other hosting platforms as well.